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About Shea:

Shea Madison is an NYC-based Actor + Singer + Dancer + Magic-Maker, who attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville for a BA in Theatre and Circle in the Square Theatre School for the Summer Musical Theatre Conservatory. Shea is originally from Orlando and now resides in the city of dreams! (New York City) Shea is a firm believer in the power and immortality of Film and Theatre, and their incredible capabilities to mend hearts, minds, and souls. She hopes to always be the proof that hard work, motivation, and, most importantly, kindness can get you anywhere and everywhere you wish in this world--but specifically New York City. 

Talent Express NY

Evelyn Fransisco, Lorna Rainey, Anastasia Rene


BMW CRCC Commercial

Zurzuvae Postpartum Depression Print Ads

KYNDRYL Commercial and Print 

Houston/Commander (Short) - post-production

Clover CC Processing Commercial

VO on Midnight Red Light Short Film


Voice Reel

Featuring footage from 54 Below, Hamilton, Mean Girls, Panic! at the Disco, Alanis Morrisette, and The Civil Wars.

Voiceover Reel

Commercial Copy: Upbeat, Sultry, and British R.P.

Acting Reel

Featuring footage from: The Adventures of Cheap Chad by Victor Chu, Sure-Fire by Allison Izzo, Through the Looking Glass by Laura Clift, and others. 

Commercial Reel

eBay National Holiday Campaign, Cefaly Dual,, AMEX Pay it, Plan it Campaign,

Pablo Smartphone App.

Voice Over Reel 2020Shea Madison
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  • Co-Producer of The Night Shift Theatre Company's Drunken Shakespeare with Producing Artistic Director Lucy Lavely 3rd Monday of Every Month.

  • Green Room 42 - Septembrer 5th - Eye of the Needle in Concert

  • Most Recent: Mary in The Unusual Tale... at River and Rail Regional Theatre Company; Dec. 2021. 

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-George Logan, Metropulse

“…Shea Madison, who glows; picture Olivia de Havilland if she'd gotten the Scarlett O'Hara role.”

"Shea Madison stands out in this show, proving to be both charming and vocally strong in her performance."

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Talent Express NY



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